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10 Ways to Praise Social Media Use for Teen Girls versus Struggles, Regrets and Selfies

10 Ways to Praise Social Media Use for Teen Girls versus Struggles, Regrets and Selfies

Let’s encourage teens to use social media for more than just selfies. Show them how to use it as a tool to affect the world.

A quick check on Google with the topic teen girls on social media brings out a flurry of reports such as The Lonely Burden of Today’s Teenage Girls in Wall Street Journal saying “amid our huge, unplanned experiment with social media, new research suggests that many American adolescents are becoming more anxious, depressed and solitary.”

There are so many psychology reports about mental breakdowns, depression, anxiety, even suicidal behavior among teen girls, more so than any other group, including boys. As a teacher, noting the early body images and sexual hyperinflation of teen girls minus their normal social rites to adulthood, I wrote an e-book …a timely tale of struggles, regrets and survival on social media as a teen girl’s first-person narration.

But this internet revolution, this virtual world, does not need to be a Bad Monster that swallows up its young generation and regurgitates carbon copies of an inflated and hypocritical society; along the way, denouncing our cultural values and heritage.

We just need to learn how to use one of the most powerful tools ever encountered by the masses … and respect its power, keep it more benign, beneficial than malicious.

Here are 10 ways that the internet and social media can offer many benefits to teenage girls:

  1. Connect to various educational components. Access information with teachers, experts, peer groups … answer any question at your fingertips. 
  2. Break down physical, geographical, or cultural barriers … easier to make friends worldwide, connect with favorite people … there is no visible handicap 
  3. Communicate with diverse communities to open doors to more experiences and dialogue…diversity helps to develop more informed personal, political, and cultural outlooks….avoid cultural biases … celebrities … athletes … nonprofit organizations
  4. Discover more about your own community, make new friends … participate more …when, where, and what is happening … keep in touch with old friends
  5. Create programs about issues that impact them or their friends … teens gather information to help each other: examples: eating disorders, drug addiction, climate change, elections, poverty in Africa and more    
  6. Be able to access every kind of educational resource with or without libraries … listen to a variety of viewpoints … what is relevant and reliable … become a more critical thinker
  7. Provides opportunities for online education or distance learning if students can’t attend a regular class, usually flexible and low cost … no marginalization of any student
  8. Prepares for possible careers or professions which require knowledge of internet and social media
  9. Share talents in many areas:  singing, writing, acting, fashion, craft projects, etc … Self-expression is important which develops self-confidence … positive feedback helps to boost confidence with Likes and nice comments
  10. Claim your own identity … the personal profile and comment box are opportunities to be, say, and figure out who you are … time to talk out confusions or vent frustrations …even help to fight depression or prevent suicide

And that is the KEY to success on social media for teen girls. 
Self-expression and self-confidence are directly connected. Teen girls need to be given avenues for being authentic and true to themselves, to find satisfaction and happiness with whom they are they … not a simulated Selfie to fit Social Media demands for exposure and exploitation.

I believe, teen girls must apply a new mindset about getting a better balance between social-media use and other age-appropriate activities. It may help if they can see their timeline and respect that their time OFFLINE is as important, if not more important, than ONLINE time. This is the moral of this e-book Teen Girl Faces Time in the Sand by Annemarie Berukova.

Can you live without your cell phone? We are all caught in this Social Media web with both positives and negatives and we must all learn to be well-informed with good digital etiquette and safety rules.

Questions and comments are always important. Please share some of your other positive experiences on social media. How do you balance your Online time with Offline Time? 

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Excerpt: "As a teenager I haven't learned yet how to manage conflict where both parties might be right but if others are wrong about something, there’s a good chance I will do wrong to do right by others.
There is no satisfaction now to realize that my brain is thinking differently at 19 years than at 14. Thinking back, there is no training how to deal with changes in technology when my brain's biology remains unchanged  A teenager is still young, still curious, experimental, still wanting to be liked, feel attractive, praised and rewarded again and again.
They buy into the electronic Hall of Mirrors where everyone is watching and comparing themselves, trying to find some piece of wisdom in a crowd or mob, not sure how not stop  suckling from an alternative reality not their own."

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Why Teachers Have Concerns About How Social Media Affects Education for Teenagers

Why Teachers Have Concerns about How Social Media Affects Education for Teenagers

Virtual communication is not face to face communication … 
stop the illusion that it is!

How to teach, how to learn, in the process of how to be educated is the foundation for developing our communication, personally and socially. We exchange information by using a common system of symbols, signs and behavior. 

It has always been about people talking to each other in real time relying on personal rapport.

However, I believe that formal education suffers because online communication is a new dimension within an alien territory with a definite lack of interactive skills; relying more on reaction and less on intelligent debate.

When just texting or tweeting, the basic act of talking is removed without seeing how words can directly  affect somebody … there is no need to read body language, facial expressions or vocal inflections.

For example, as a cyberbully, if you can’t see the reaction of victims, it's easier to be anonymous without any consequence for writing something online.  Did you know that the majority of harassers are friends or acquaintances?  Only 23 percent of people report that a complete stranger has bullied them online. 

Who wants to learn proper communication skills when 140 characters can take the place of a sentence? Or, better yet, who wants to learn how to write a paragraph, a whole group of sentences to state a theme and resolution? What matters most is measurement by data called LIKES, HATCH TAGS, RETWEETS ... even ignorant ones.

Let me ask you ...  have you read any teenager’s texts lately? Do you think there is a problem if there is limited evidence of proper spelling, syntax and grammar? Do you know that texting lingo has at least 1500 text messages and online chat abbreviations? Does it bother you that that writing skills, whether formal or informal, may be in decline? Who knows the proper format for letter writing? Even cursive writing is an anachronism now.

Does it bother you that learning itself may be in decline, also? Learning is an activity or process of gaining knowledge or skill through study, practice and experience. Learning helps to reorganize the structural changes of the brain to better understand and contribute to our surrounding culture.

Then you can say, "I learned something new today."

In the classroom, to learn a unit of study on any topic, may involve weeks of presentation, asking questions, analyzing facts, making decisions, and evaluating from different points of view. It is not the same thing as using the internet hoping to find  a reliable source for information. It is not checking out social  media platforms for quick answers.

This is not teaching … this is not learning. This is not even retaining information.

Real thinking is a mental process by which to form models of the world and psychological associations.  It takes time for the brain’s neurology to form concepts, solve problems, find reasons and make decisions. Cognitive frames are built by absorbing, processing and remembering, to be smarter and more emotionally and environmentally composed.

As well, there may be other communication problems that may affect education. Perhaps there is a disconnect between parents, who may not be as adept on social media compared to teenagers who live in their own Selfie domain. They may both lack an understanding of potential overuse. Perhaps, students are allowed to use their cellphones during classes which become a major distraction.  Studies have shown that teens who frequently check their profiles have lower grades and lower reading retention.  Academic performance may be impacted by lack of sleep, which parents may not know about.

Did you know that American teens send and receive text messages 144 times a day?

As a retired teacher, I am always open to podcast interviews to address the struggles and, regrets of teen girls on social media. This is another excellent questions to discuss: What kind of concerns do teachers have about how Social Media affects education for teenagers.

Check out blog for 10 more beginning questions to answer about teenage girls on social media and a way to build a better educated mindset   .

Questions and comments are always welcome. What are your concerns? What are your successes with education on social media for teenagers?

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Excerpt: A frown crosses Grannie's face. "You know the role of technology in society is very new. It's only a couple decades versus centuries of human interaction. And you can read about how many people are worried about addressing the problems as they get deeper and deeper.
Your dear Smart phone is just one player without any instructions; you can cross any lines you want.  You can watch the internet unsupervised. Just think, you can take a picture anytime, anywhere and post it wherever, whenever; regardless of an invasion of privacy and self-rights. Don’t you agree?

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Is this the Right Time to Profit in the Digital Economy as a Self-Franchise Entrepreneur in 2020 with 12 Questions?

Is this the Right Time to Profit in the Digital Economy as a Self-Franchise Entrepreneur in 2020 with 12 questions?

"Some people can call it rapid experimentation, but more importantly, we call it 'hypothesis testing.' Instead of saying 'I have an idea,' what if you said, 'I have a new hypothesis, let's go test it, see if it's valid, ask how quickly can we validate it.' And if it's not valid, move on to the next one … that’s in some sense the real pursuit."  Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO)

GOOD NEWS for 2020: The Self Franchise Report is updated with new information!

The Self Franchise Report answers two questions to help make your 2020 more successful:

1.How can you adapt  the principles of intellectual distribution to bring value to every online business owner?

2. Do you wonder how you can participate in a multi-billion-dollar marketing industry?

Marketing is the lifeblood of every business. But is this the Right Time to Profit in the Digital Economy as a Self-Franchise Entrepreneur? These are important  questions that this updated  Self-Franchise Report answers in 3 parts:

PART ONE: Quick Mini Overview
…3 reasons to be a self-franchise marketer
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PART TWO: Self-Franchise Big Picture Overview
…unlimited online business opportunities
…business power of leverage
…potential power of your online core identity

PART THREE:  Self-Franchise Entrepreneur Changes Mindset
…personal changes start with self-dialogue
…how to bypass preset conforming factors to move ahead into critical new fields

What are your current feelings about internet marketing  based on your experiences whether as an online business owner or independent networker? 

As a former MLM distributor,  my mission statement hung on my office wall:  network marketing was a return to basics where every person with above average dreams can start with minimal capital, time equity and make a difference - based on only 3 concepts; namely,  share a good product, duplicate the message and receive residual  income from direct and indirect referrals. In fact, I started to talk like a fair and democratic home business mentor where early blog posts turned into short e-books about equal opportunities for success. 

Through MLM trials and tribulations,  this mission statement has now been replaced by a Self-Franchise Credo, but still with the focus  on principles of network marketing  and how to plug into the  unlimited power of the internet so as not disenfranchise its citizens and marketers. 

There is no question that the advent of internet marketing has been explosive, exploratory and extremely difficult to master a brand as YOU Incorporated.  As with any major expansion,  the content and strategies have now settled down and matured enough to show that Simplification, Deconstruction and Reinvention are the right time and place to capitalize on internet marketing expertise.

As a teacher trying to educate prospects with too many details, my selling skills remained at ground level with few flights. My faith was that good information could open new ways of thinking by considering the Big Picture with different perspectives and  answers to tough questions. It has been said that sometimes the greatest deterrent to progress is pre-conceived biases and to think you know all the answers. Sometimes the smartest business tactic is admitting ‘I don’t know’ especially if your success is marginal.

On one hand, the internet changes continue to accelerate and saturate with unwanted information, fake news, the chaos of texts, emails, clickbait, distractions  and social media sites which one guru calls digital cholesterol overloadOn the other hand, the internet evolution has shown we can re-frame the complex and make it run on simpler principles.

The purpose of this Self-Franchise Report is to consider the hypothesis that it is possible to streamline a complex online marketing world with too many false prophets, imitations, wasted time and stop the clutter and distractions to create bigger profits and enjoy more time freedom.   

Read this comprehensive report to learn more about this all-consuming, all-comprehensive INTERNET AGE TECHNOLOGY WORLD. Make some different connections with the right reasons for making an extra stream of income, a simpler solution to the complexity of Internet Marketing, two major blunders to avoid, and how to utilize the massive power of ONE TOTAL MASTERMIND MARKETING SYSTEM without too much blood, sweat and tears while preserving our most valuable commodity, time itself. 

I welcome any podcast shows for the chance to answer these questions or any other comments about the internet marketing industry as such based on my experiences. Perhaps my story can help so many others to make better informed decisions and walk away from a lot of heartache.

What is the greatest travesty in MLM home business in my opinion?

What is the greatest problem with internet marketing versus network marketing?

What is the biggest regret I would not want to pass on to any other marketer?

Why pioneer strategy called magnetic attraction or self-branded advertising serves a few not many ... a matter of disenfranchisement? 

What are the main principles of network marketing that can be applied to internet marketing? 

Why this is the right time to move from physical distribution to intellectual distribution?

What are two successful online strategies that can work for every marketer?

What qualities are required to be a self-franchised entrepreneur?

How can self-belief or mindset become a problem with business development?

What is the best way to deconstruct, reinvent and simplify the rules that work?

What is my biggest advice if you are considering MLM or network marketing opportunity?

Why visual language is used often to speak a volume of words?

Remember, intelligence isn’t knowing everything; it’s the ability to challenge everything you know

I look forward to hearing your opinions and other online solutions that work for you as an independent marketer. Your experiences, questions and comments are important, also.

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Annemarie Berukoff
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Excerpt: In other words, your challenge is to step away from this submerged subconscious wiring and make safe calculated changes to merge with the New Economy. Your past thinking should never limit your potential. The undivided principles are here. You can choose to deny or defy them. But a free 14-day trial will show you if this is the right time to harness the power of today's  technology with the capabilities of expert personnel.

Your question should be: WHO'S GOING TO STOP ME!

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