Sunday, 24 February 2019

More Sunday Moments: Wake Up and Smell the Changes in Internet Marketing

More Sunday Morning Wake Up and Smell the Changes in

 Internet Marketing Moment

Life is Change. Growth is Optional. Chose Wisely … Albert Einstein  

It has been two weeks since I first publicized my new website as Welcome to a Brand New Website about Seeing the Big Picture of Changes as well as marketing links to my affiliate company The Conversion Pros. 
This morning I did a quick tally of views on different postings and was rather pleasantly surprised. The challenge now is to try and explain the results
Posts with commissions:                             118 views
Posts with general online marketing help    477 views
Posts with self-franchise label                     390 views

Here is what I think is continuing to happen. There seems to be a disadvantage if you are trying to promote cash in your hands or an ATM that spits out cash. Most experienced marketers have been there, done that, and realize that hype mentality doesn’t produce results without some kind of special background.

For example:
... Are you an internet marketing superstar with powers to make insane money
... TCP will pay out obscene commissions to all those affiliates who are Hustling...

On the other hand,  some of the titles offering marketing help seemed to get the most interest such as:
...Power of Perception examined…why it matters to making decisions
...How to Create Exciting Customized Landing Pages to Stand Out in the Crowd.

And many views on any posts with words relating to a landing page:
…quick example of a landing page made in minutes
…definitely having fun creating landing pages
…can't believe the total capacity of customized landing pages
…this company helps anyone in online business market out their products

However, what's most interesting are the views on titles such as:

...Sometimes You Have to Take a Leap of Maturity into Online Marketing Today

...Is the Internet Mature Enough for a Self-Franchise Opportunity?  

...Is This the Right Time to Profit in the Digital Economy as a Self-Franchised Affiliate               Marketer
...Only A Self-Franchise Entrepreneur Can Self-Correct New Internet Marketing Skills ...            two new reality checks

My opinion about what is happening is a natural progression of any development requiring a skill set. A couple decades ago, internet marketing became a huge all-encompassing manifestation with all kinds of pioneer marketers with a whole swarm of possibilities and promoters who were busy sifting, sorting and finding sediment that had some results. Notice how many fewer "flasher" promoters are left.   

I can picture the Gold Mining in Alaska reality show where men with little or no previous experience were flushing and sluicing entire hillsides to extract a few nuggets of gold. Gradually they began working the site with large and more efficient equipment to finally produce millions in gold success.

And, I believe, that is what is happening to internet marketing. A few top professionals have risen to the top with justification. Top marketers have amalgamated all the necessary resources for internet marketing into integrated professional programs.

A few of us, network marketers, in particular, have survived through the decade. We have internet connections; we are critical thinkers, aware of self-dialogue and make decisions to adapt to changes. But we are less gullible now and require more proof.

We also understand the unique business model of distribution based on 3 fundamental principles: share the message, leverage the experts and earn residual income.

Many of us are now ready to exit the Marketing Jungle of Yore and are looking at how to become self-franchised distributors or marketers. WHY NOT?

The best opportunity for a self franchise online business still remains The Conversion Pros for this main reason. It perfectly offers what every online business owner or marketer needs as an advanced total all-in-one marketing system with all the features, communication and training on one platform.  

What a self franchise marketer needs more than anything else is a SIMPLIFIED ONE MESSAGE and TOOL to pass on to business people who are drawn to specific key words for business success. The rest is personal values, leveraged excellence and integrated systems.

I believe  this is the next big thing and the right time to apply all our  learned skills to a singular focus on an exclusive new revolutionary NICHE!

Time for some evidence gathering:

Check out  amazing capture pages already build for your business for free   

PART ONE: Three Reasons To Be a Self – Franchise Entrepreneur

PART TWO: Four Reality Checks and Adaptations to Keep IT Real

How do you feel about the changing internet marketing landscape. Your comments and questions are important and welcome.


Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Only A Self-Franchise Entrepreneur Can Self-Correct New Internet Marketing Skills

Only a self-franchise entrepreneur can self-correct new internet marketing skills

Maybe you have no life, like so many entrepreneurs. Well, I’ll let you in on a secret.
You're whipping a dead horse. Trying to squeeze blood out of turnip. Because even if you're working at your can't reach anywhere NEAR your potential from "here"..."here" being your current mental operating system...Perry Marshall 

A new wave is happening NOW for internet marketers who promote any kind of online business, especially a network marketing home business. You are either on the Fast Lane or you may suffer Road Kill unable to keep the pace.

First, let's agree that the internet is speeding up and network marketers are getting flatter with thinner wallets. Customers are getting harder to attract, harder to acquire, harder to keep, harder to persuade, and harder to sell. Honestly, how many hours of work and "hits" do you need to get a raised hand much less a conversion?

To stay competitive and profitable in the online business marketing game, it's time for a self-correcting adjustment with two current changes:


Remember, the internet is changing, maturing and compounding rapidly. Remember, you're playing a money game in virtual space by competing with some of the toughest, smartest, richest players like Google, Facebook, etc. Experts now point to the fact that 5% of the players get 95% of the rewards. And the remaining 95% of the players divide up the other 5%.

"The odds will only increase with information overload, adding stress and anxiety to the already confused brain between credible and non-credible facts especially if viewed without context. “Analysis Paralysis” sets in with just reasons to avoid risk because your experience has shown what it takes to make a footprint in this hyper-active virtual reality (excerpt from The Self Franchise Report)


 Let the top marketing professional present a powerful message to attract the right mindset and offer the right business marketing solutions.
Because, basically, nothing you can say will make a difference if the experts aren't appreciated. 

If they see the value, they will be pleased to participate.
If they miss the value, they will look elsewhere…their choice.
It's not up to the self franchise marketer to chase people with more information, absorbing  our precious time. No need for fragments here and there: emails, webinars, conference calls, autoresponders or sell funnels to find conversions. IT’S ALL COVERED WITH ONE PROGRAM.
A self-franchise entrepreneur has a singular focus to use the POWER of   Internet Business Leverage to duplicate an inclusive opportunity essential to business owners basically with ONE LINK with no critical details missing…a free trial, no fuss, no muss with affiliate compensation.

No more hamster-mentality of internet workaholism of mass marketing to get this formula right.  No  more trying to compete with the best...why not join them?

My message is a top internet marketing message...strong, irresistible, inspirational, with desirable benefits and steps to success. It is comprehensive enough and yet simple enough to share. 

Most importantly, this professionally crafted internet marketing message does the "heavy lifting" for me or you. The effort is to share this powerful marketing message to like-minded business connections.  

This revolutionary niche can be called self franchise marketing which may be considered a radical leap by some, but it may well be the return to networking basics, respect for its principles and a fair playing ground for every marketer.

There is always need for new tools that give direction and resources for success in the digital marketplace for every person with or without technical skills with no critical details missing.  In fact, If you have a plan or a tool to help the masses how to market…fortunes will be made by helping so many others. (excerpt from The Self Franchise Report)

Simply, you are invited to check this powerful business marketing video.

If you see value, join the free trial to see the benefits for yourself. Who says NO to business expertise? Or pass it to other business owners or marketers who may be interested.

Are you ready to self-correct as a self franchise entrepreneur?

Questions and comments are always important and welcome.
I'd be interested in knowing how you have adjusted to a new internet marketing reality.

Sincerely, Annemarie Berukoff

 Also, continue to check out the Big Picture with The Self Franchise Report

PART ONE: Three Reasons To Be a Self – Franchise Entrepreneur

PART TWO: Four Reality Checks and Adaptations to Keep IT Real

Thursday, 14 February 2019

How to Create Exciting Customized Landing Pages to Stand Out in the Crowd.

How to Create Exciting Customized Landing Pages Outside the Box
and STAND OUT in the Crowd!

 You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is the something you have charge of. - Jim Rohn

Realize this content strategy isn’t optional … Fresh content creates continued interest.

There are millions of websites, capture pages or landing pages.  How do you plan to STAND OUT from all the others and get noticed?

What's your best advice on how to how to write good AD COPY and THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX?

Would you like to insert a VIDEO to make your page come alive with sights and sounds?

Most importantly, do you realize that SOCIAL MEDIA is becoming more and more effective than traditional paid advertising and is overtaking SEO as the primary referral traffic generator?

Here are TWO PARTS in meeting the challenge of "sticky"creative content that hangs around in the prospect's mind for another look.

Part One - set certain guidelines for your new landing pages
Part Two - use unique customized system to deliver your content

Part One: Guidelines for creating your story or message

Be original … Your most unique product is you. Keep up with the trends, act quickly and move beyond old formats to be memorable.

Don’t fear experimenting … Trial-and-error is a tried-and-true research model.

Be relevant to your visitors … It’s about them, their needs, and how your product resolves those needs for them. Remember, your primary task is educating them instead of impressing or selling them.

Don’t be boring … This is a vital function of word economy. Be succinct and get to the point efficiently, even in an entertaining manner.

Provide free value … Offer a benefit right from the start, usually some information that addresses what they may be looking for.

Part Two:  Powerful Unique Online Marketing System to Create Customized Landing Pages

The Conversion Pros offers an extensive, multi-talented Landing Page or Capture Page Tool Builder.  You can create pre-tested, highly-converting capture pages inside the TCP Suite.

Simply choose a template you love and then customize it to match your business, brand, and offer. Add a background from our huge selection of images or choose your own. You can even add a video! Once completed, you’ll have a ready-to-launch capture page to sell your products or services, day and night.

Here are a few other highlights:

...4 non-video templates - change text, fonts, colors, backgrounds, buttons and social links.  A gallery of topical images are provided or you can use Google Images to add a particularly exciting picture

...13 templates for adding videos - Single Button, 2 Buttons, clear, opalescent, side by side with or without bullet points, etc.

...copy code from YouTube videos or using generic marketing or local marketing videos provided

...set up a funnel system with more than one video linked together

...install a tracking pixel for analytics or split-testing with advanced SEO

And, even more powerful you can share codes from best landing pages with all your team members to help advertise their links.

The more I learn and succeed with The Conversion Pros, the more excited I am to share this one-of-a-kind, all-in-one online marketing system.

Here's a sample of a new landing page which took minutes to create. 

BOTTOM LINE: This company helps anyone in online business market out their biz opp, affiliate opportunity, or physical products. You can also operate this as your main business earning 50% commission per sale. Get paid every Friday and build up your monthly income.

Sign up here for free trial today.

Then you can check out the new masterpieces you can create to advertise your business and STAND OUT!  No Upsells or additional costs.

To your Amazing Landing Pages,
Questions and comments are always welcome.


Once you check the platform out, you will see the whole array of businesses. You will see outstanding training webinars. 

Check out new announcements:

How To Pull Any Video Off Facebook and Upload it to Youtube So You Can Add it to your capture and landing pages...

HOT NEW TRAINING! How to Add PAYPAL BUTTONS to your TCP Landing pages:

And, if you see this amazing value which every serious online marketer needs, then consider becoming an affiliate, check out The Self Franchise Report  

PS: This is indeed a massive kind of golden opportunity you need to try to see how it works

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Sometimes You Have To Take a Leap of Maturity into Online Marketing Today

Sometimes you have to take a leap of maturity into

Online Marketing Today

Drilling down to the bottom of the swamp is SO counter-cultural (there’s a lot of seaweed down there)...which is exactly why swamp-diving puts you in an utterly unique place  
Perry Marshall.

It is standard now to complain or commend on the developments on the internet especially about how some breakthroughs have disrupted and now dominate so many industries…Fedex, Netflix, Spotify, AirBNB, to name a few. 

The aim of evolution or maturity is to solve hidden but pivotal problems at the core of any enterprise; so how can we amend the many problems with professional internet marketing...especially for the regular individual marketer?

Take internet marketing as it has evolved over the last decade or so. Marketing is the lifeblood  of any business…internet marketing was toil and tears and heart attack in the making. Maybe it's time to applaud some maturity.

Who remembers the pioneer internet marketers and their programs of magnetic self-branding to stand out from the crowd of millions rather than previously trying to make an impression in your own community?

How many of us crowed that the world was our backyard now! We could all be champion flock worthy roosters or hens, until we found out that our chicken coop was never really in a fair worldwide competition. Too many fell into the dust of their own aimless scratching.   

But we still believed the next step, the next skill, the next blog would put us in the game.

Here is my favorite real life story about taking the next step measured in inches in order to take a leap of faith.

Picture a  wall made from cement blocks once built against a hillside to open a garden bed along the inside parameter. After 25 years of steady fortitude my garden wall had to be replaced because the blocks were leaning outwards from water (rain) pressure. It had started to deconstruct because there wasn't enough sand put under the blocks to absorb moisture over time when originally built.

I asked my nephew, who had just bought an excavator, to do the job. How unbelievable that it became a matter of inches to manage to disrupt and replace this solid wall!

First, the excavator was too tall to pass under the garage roof to reach the back yard by a couple inches.

Second, the excavator was too wide to pass through my raspberry bushes to reach the backyard even after they had been pulled out to make ground by a couple inches.

 Finally, this young operator decided to take a leap of faith from another hillside behind the garden wall. He laid down a couple of tracks each about a foot wide in order to aim his large excavator as precisely as possible to hit the tracks and enter the backyard that way. It was, in every aspect that I couldn’t watch, a leap of faith with great risk.

Thankfully, it was successful and my newly reconstructed wall is growing its harvest again.

Herein lies the analogy that internet marketing has served well in its adolescent period with its early champions; but needs to be reconstructed in order to serve a bigger, more bountiful purpose for more marketers.  

I believe that the many skills of being an internet marketer can be streamlined into one total system with all the professional tools and training one needs to make an noticeable impact on the worldwide web.   

I believe this total marketing system is already well developed by a mastermind marketer and mature enough to resolve many of the huge internet marketing challenge for most people online.

Maybe it's time to look at a little reconstruction for your internet marketing program.
There is no risk like jumping with an excavator.

Try a free trial to see how this system can work for you. 

Please check out two reports on a new website 

Helpful Mindstream for Changes 

How to Start Growing a Profitable Online Business

The Self Franchise Report

Comments and discussion are always important.

Annemarie Berukoff

PS: "Do you struggle with a secret knowledge that ‘they really should do it THIS way, but for some stupid reason they insist continuing to do it THAT way!’

PPS: I know it may be counter culture to read more information and then watch a video...but you may rather watch the video first.  Let me know what you liked, or not, about the presentation. 

Sunday, 10 February 2019

What Did You Do On A Cold Sunday Morning to Change Your Life?

What did you do on a cold Sunday morning to change your life?

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there
was in me an invincible summer.
- Albert Camus

This morning I looked out the window and watched a bitter cold wind whipping up the snow into gyrating  clouds, shake the fir branches mightily, and make the bare rose bushes dance as if possessed to escape the frigid touch.

In some ways I thought this is the winter of my long life to test my resolve of appreciating the many seasons of my life.

In the winter of my life, I will not be burdened with stuff that mattered once but now will stay forever buried to nurture what I can control and manage.

In the spring, I was excited to be a network marketer of a prestigious wellness company, or two. In the summer, I worked diligently to promote and advertise their products. I invited people to listen to so many conference calls like a sermon on the mount.

In the autumn, the harvest was meager based on straight commissions.  To make things worse, the Internet Marketing Medusa was force feeding programs about attractive self-branding based on intensive labor in competition with a multitude of other marketers and corporate entities. The gloves were off in a wild west frontier of Information Overload.

The biggest regret of my life is the time I wasted chasing to master this Medusa…do that…build a a traffic cop…be a leader…blog and banner to beat the can be a BRAND like the big guys to attract followers...just like the Digital Pied Piper. 

The GOOD NEWS is I am no longer magnetized. I have ownership of my valuable time.

Today, I looked  through my pictures in my albums and deleted all the pictures used for promotions. No more images of tropical residences, eagles flying, sunsets, money in the hands, a model relaxing by a pool in front of a luxury car, happy couples, etc.

I deleted all the inspirational sayings to help nurture self empowerment or dreams like if it won't challenge you, it won't change you---make a difference or waste a minute to post?
Like trying to spam your mind that positive thinking will make you successful…positive hope does not duplicate well or make a good business strategy.

I deleted all the gurus with their memos of how to achieve greatness...they aimed high and worked hard to cultivate their charisma and success. I cant do that or expect anybody else to do that.

Then I deleted all my former blogs about home business internet marketing.

But the cold winter winds will not freeze my belief in free enterprise, or grassroots capitalism, where people can help each other to make an income in a changing economy.

I designed and wrote a new website: Helpful Mindstream for Changes.

Here is a quote from one of two reports:  The Self Franchise Report:

Without question, most people can count themselves as internet citizens sharing their many imprints on virtual domains, connecting without limits or restrictions with others, sharing news, resources and cultures. But through the increasing dense haze and noise, do you wonder that somehow there should be some measures of levels of acceptance, integration of basic needs and equality, how to cope and adapt, and not to be voided in the Digital Age?

Perhaps, we can't have lunch together and talk about how the internet has changed the world. Do you even think that an open-minded conversation is important? 

The best I can do is invite you to read the two reports on this new website called 

Questions and comments are always welcome.  
I'd be interested in learning how your internet marketing has changed over the years.

PS: Today my album includes pictures of my family, friends, events,nature and beautiful things.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Is the Internet Mature Enough for a Self-Franchise Opportunity

Is the Internet Mature Enough

for a Self-Franchise Opportunity?

Everybody knows what a franchise opportunity is... described as a method for a company to expand its business and distribute goods and services with independent agents by providing them with an operating system, brand and support.

Wow! Do some of these terms ring a bell or two for network marketers?

In fact, such a consistent ringing that I had to make a case for it for peer review.

My opening statement shows Three Big Reasons:
The Online Business Environment is Open
The True Business Power of Leverage
The Power of You – Potential Online Core Identity

The case continues with a TWO PART presentation:

 1. Three Reasons To Be a Self-Franchise Entrepreneur

 2. Four Adaptations to Reality Check to Keep it Real

You are introduced to the star witness…a mastermind internet marketer and his successful system. You are invited to test drive this all inclusive marketing system to see how it may work for you, too. Strong professional marketing skills are required by every online marketer.  

You learn more about becoming an affiliate marketer where you can build your own simple marketing system, as well as how to build multiple income streams effortlessly. 

You will find an answer to stop spinning your wheels and stressing about how to make ends meet, without paying an extra cent in training or expenses? 
How?  Take a free trial and check all the features and benefits that apply to you.
See link at the end of the Self-Franchise Report.

Importantly, as an Affiliate, you'll become a 50/50 partner in a thriving multi-million dollar leads and marketing tools business!

"What’s better than 50/50 of a mega business, you ask? Well, all the costs and fees of doing business will come out of our end. You get all the upside, "  says the star witness.

So what does a self-franchised affiliate have to do for this marketing company? Each step is laid out fully by video:

Step 1- Install our mobile app
You will get notified in under a second when you get a lead through your affiliate sites.

Step 2-Find your affiliate sites
You will find affiliate funnels already built for you with auto-responders built in...with a link to your free trial and you get credit for the referral and earn commissions.

Step 3- The comp plan
See how much you get paid and ways to maximize your income whether you want to make a few hundred or a full time income.

Step 4- Learn how to market
This video we will teach you how to market your Affiliate sites so you can get leads and signup

Step 5- Set up e-Wallet
Set you your payment preference so when you earn a commission we can pay you.

Step 6- Marketing advice
Valuable tips and tricks on getting more signups. There are always new training videos to help get you signups plus a live interactive Facebook site.

Plus 3 more last steps

Isn’t this so much easier than running a McDonald's franchise?
Or losing traction in a residual matrix filled with so much dead wood with incorrect or out-of -date marketing?
MY NEW CREDO as an self-franchise affiliate marketer is a summary is at the end. Then you can judge me crazy or crazy smart to believe in a timely revolution. I believe the development of the internet makes it mature enough for a self-franchise opportunity. What do you think?

Read the Self-Franchise Report and associated blogs

Hopefully, as read through this BIG PICTURE overview, some different mental connections will surface with clear reality checks, adaptations and new ways to play fair in a virtual reality game and make some money with internet marketing.

Then you are ready to check out this company and take a free test drive.

Questions and comments are always welcome..

Annemarie Berukoff
Self-Franchise Affiliate Marketer

PS: Sometimes I think it is counter culture to read extra information first before checking out a video or company website; but if you prefer to watch the video and then get more information, check this video: 

  Who Will Answer the Mother of All Questions as Anti-Social Facebook Faces Reality Check? “We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppress...