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Most Common Question Asked about the Incredible Journey of The Water Sprite with Plant Roots

Most Common Question Asked about the Incredible Journey of The Water Sprite with Plant Roots

“We are at a unique stage in our history. Never before have we had such an awareness of what we are doing to the planet, and never before have we had the power to do something about that. Surely we all have a responsibility to care for our Blue Planet. The future of humanity and indeed, all life on earth, now depends on us.”
“I know of no pleasure deeper than that which comes from contemplating the natural world and trying to understand it.”
― David Attenborough

There is no question that there is abundant interest in key words like save water, water cycles, balance in ecology, water pollution, climate changes, and natural cycles.

People who care to talk, ask a common question: Is this just a fancy way of describing the water cycle...we already know about that.

No, I refer them to look at the Table of Contents that shows this journey is so much more than one taken on the wind to runoff back to the ocean. It is a journey worthy of a heroic movie of acceptance and survival. 

This story delves deep into the systems that sustain life on earth, their interdependence and mutual survival from the microorganism to the cells of plants to the sun’s energy itself. 

Constrain or lose one part, upset the entire planet's cycles. 

It’s true that there are a few fascinating, imaginary creations that hold a scientific base in their particular system like glaciers, oil lakes, and plastic manufacturing factories.
The moral is implied that simple life forms within communities have a serious purpose with the right to exist and maintain potential of all ecosystems. Within diversity is found democracy.  

CHAPTER 1     Meet Water Sprite; the Water Spirit; Mission of Cyclical Truths
CHAPTER 2     Caught in Winter Storm; Severe Danger; First Encystment
CHAPTER 3     Learns about Kalundian Glacier; ice-sprites; climate emergency 
CHAPTER 4     Undergoes an operation to save the Ice Princess legacy; glacial lake
CHAPTER 5     Capture by Nitrifying Bacteria for Ransom; Nitrogen Cycle
CHAPTER 6     Helps to Find a Habitat for Bacteria; reaches Bally Pond
CHAPTER 7     Attack by Amoeba; Rescue by a Rotifer called Roti Tellera
CHAPTER 8     Interacts with community; meets Hydra; goes to school with Hydrozoan
CHAPTER 9     Learns from Stentor; threat of pollution arrives; weapon against humankinds
CHAPTER 10   Discuss plan to stop possible pollution; leaves Bally Pond on a mission
CHAPTER 11   Encounter with first young female humankind; meets her father scientist
CHAPTER 12   Examination under a microscope; exposure to microbes; possible escape
CHAPTER 13   Swallowed  into digestive system; exits human body through sweat gland
CHAPTER 14   Filters down to bedrock; meets an Oiler molecule on a mission
CHAPTER 15   Meets Progenitor, oldest life form; Earth's elements; Carbon Cycle
CHAPTER 16   Oil well disaster; hydrocarbon processing into plastics; meets Polymer
CHAPTER 17   Encounter with a tree; hopeful return and re-connection at Bally Pond
CHAPTER 18   Pollution Disaster; Extinction; Attack and Impossible Plastic Savior  
CHAPTER 19;  Reflection on Lessons Learned; Cyclical Truths Mission Accomplished 
CHAPTER 20   Return to Mother Ocean with Cautionary Words on the Wind

As you can, this is far more than a diagram of a water cycle, crucial as that is. It is one diagram near the end of the journey filled with many previous other diagrams that explain how organisms at all  levels of the ecosystems help to sustain each other. 

What are some of the lessons to be learned?

Stop and be amazed at the specialized simplicity and complexity of life forms, especially the micro-organisms that live in fresh water which may be labeled only as a handful of living cells but with the ability to sense, feed and propagate.

Become aware of Organic Life forms or compounds containing the carbon molecule, the most common life matter and compound on Earth including the hydrocarbon found in fossil fuel and inert manufactured plastics.

Start to appreciate the numerous cycles required for ecology to be balanced from sun and water, to nutrients for primary plants, to animals and decomposing bacteria in both a inclusive, co-operative and limited biosphere. 

There is a strong link to an ECOLOGY ETHIC where exponential growth is not possible.

Do you agree this journey is far beyond the water cycle and worthy of an epic movie!

I appreciate hearing your thoughts about the different experiences and lessons learned.


I am deep in thought now; not so much about the physical reality around that can be seen and heard; but deeper into more abstract concepts that deal with wisdom and spirit, a more ethical domain. Maybe thinking is a cycle unto itself that governs our choices and how we behave. If we change our thinking, we can perhaps change our habits. If we gain knowledge, we will be more understanding. If we understand more, then we will appreciate more the intricate workings of Nature; like being awed by the mechanics of a single leaf. If we are smarter, then we will appreciate the balance designed by Nature. (excerpt from The Incredible Journey of a Water Sprite with Roots.)

Water Sprite enjoying snack time with his rotifer friend

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Putting the Story Pieces Together for Teen Girl Faces Time in the Sand

Putting the Story Pieces Together for Teen Girl Faces Time in the Sand

One Selfie swipe will instantly show me images and words with as brief an engagement as I wish. There is no debate; it's not a relationship. It can show me ignorance, intimidation or threats, bombast, or absolute fakery.  It is normal to favor only cosmetic standards with plastic interventions and sensational spectacles where regular common everyday things and people no longer matter....  

Is this what communication has flat lined to … short term attention spans, immediate reaction, fear and anxiety and judgment calls without facts?

The previous three blogs have summarized this story and explained the challenge of portraying time and the rational for using visual language and symbolism.

1. How to stop social media from taking advantage of a rash and brash teenage brain still in development personified here as a Giant Clown Face of epic proportions.  (blog 1)

2. How to start looking at value of Time and power of choice as a super power tool to avoid making bad mistakes that may affect or change  the total Time Line. (blog 2)

3. How to use diagrams or symbols as a base for discussion of growing up in a mass media world, of visualizing strong social forces, and structuring experience of time. (blog 3)

Now there is time to share a few closing personal words.

There is no simple answer to what is a good life because it makes a unique symbol for each of us within our circumstances. As an old person I have the privilege of looking back at my time line and breathing a sign of satisfaction and relief. My young brain was never assaulted by a social media clown face. Now young people need to be warned about the dangers of growing up too early in a mixed-up media's brew with adult lifestyles and attitudes with no defense from their immature brain development drawn naturally to affection and rewards.

The change is made so much more profound when I fondly remember my teen years. The poster on my bedroom wall was of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, who celebrated success as a musician, writer, humanitarian, and philosopher; and, yet decided as a doctor to open clinics in the poorest villages of Africa.  His photo with his large drooping mustache was the only one that inspired me.

My pop icon wore poodle skirts to her ankles covered with bobby socks. Gyrating was jiving…a good exercise. Drinking and smoking were simply not permitted and to talk back to parents was a matter of being sent to your room without supper.  Only once it happened to me and the guilt of disrespecting my mother still lingers sixty years later. School and good report cards were a serious responsibility with parent's pride in a job well done was the best star of all.

So how in the world did this all change?

The true tragedy is that young girls with their nascent beauty and nurturing spirit now need to be protected from losing their innocence by trying to become desirable "like me" adults before their brain is able to make deductive judgment calls or take on adult responsibilities.

The deeper tragedy is that there seems to be a tolerance to allow any young people to use their cell phones to present a falsehood to the world and still get applause even if it's fake. 

What kind of lesson about morality does this teach them?  What does it mean to manipulate truth on purpose ? How will this carry on into other activities and beliefs about society and norms that are the very fabric of culture and civilization?   

It is a hard exercise to look at all the possible addends in a potential Life experience, and see how a few beginning years (7 teen years) can interfere, derail or even cause death to young people's spirits. The time for youth is short enough to explore, self discover , experience AHA moments, take pride in learning and achieving in daring to climb the mountain of achievement because parents will be their cushion when they fall.

This main theme in of this story is to hold and respect time as if you can hold it in your hand, invisible but all powerful in its choices. To better manage the passage of time, there are numerous pictures or symbols for consideration.

Another recurring theme is that it is not the teenage girl's fault if a Mass Media Circus influences her young rash and brash adolescent brain and corrupts the potential of adulthood before its time.

The moral or lesson is not to give away your privacy to a public sphere but to protect your independent Self, separate from media rule or mob control. There is no pretense of any kind allowed based on predatory influence.

Interestingly, a little damselfly plays the role of life's fragility yet respect. Her nymph larva is about well prepared survival in a pond environment versus an adolescent feeding off social media.

But, how sad, that this abnormal transmutation continues to disrupt the adolescent nature into an adult, based on social media criteria? This book addresses one way to possibly divert or contain it.

How terribly sad when you do a worldwide web search with the words teen girls, and after the first 3 titles about clothes, shoes and accessories; the next items are about real teens twerking, why teen girls crave older partners and a Facebook page for hot teen selfie shots!  Even pornographers have found that they can get more clicks and  views with extreme encounters involving with  teenage girls and boys.

As well, it is time to pay more attention to beginning research that finds "social media use can make profound changes to the brain in similar ways that drug addiction can…receiving likes on the internet releases dopamine in the brain.This creates a sense of pleasure. Similar triggers for this experience includes eating chocolate or winning money."

In the last chapter as Kit wanders down to the beach where she retraces her sand drawings, she realizes the power of Self and protection of Choice.  She comes to terms that many things in her past are not her fault.  Her story serves as a warning to young teens not to fall prey to social media pressures and addictive impulses.

The story concludes with how to use personal cell phones to set boundaries and interact more positively with the social media and environment. Also, there are 10 separate exercise to download and practice some of the concepts outlined in the story.

Your questions, comments and concerns about teen girls in a mass social media culture are always welcome. Together we can work on a resolution, if this matter bothers you, too.


You understand that the future only appears as a vision and today is the only time you have to react to anything. What if you had the power to connect to the future to help direct your present actions to fulfill that future?  I wonder what kind of choices you'd make ….would they be the same?

But what if there is some kind of super power tool to help make better choices to take you into adulthood? (excerpts)

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The Challenge and Power of Using Symbols about Teen Girls in Social Media

The Challenge and Power of Using Symbols about Teen Girls in Social Media  

And here's the true tragedy. Many young people who inhabit their smart phones will refuse to face any other truth beyond their existence on their smart phones because it becomes the core of their experience. Think about that. Mass media will never apologize for what it is doing because it makes money. Cosmetics and fashion are expensive.
 Sex sells whether you are 14 or 40. (excerpt)

This blog helps to describe the third main reason for writing this timely e-book called A Teen Girl Makes Time in the Sand. The first two blogs outline reasons 1 and 2.

1. How to stop social media from taking advantage of a rash and brash teenage brain still in development personified here as a Giant Clown Face of epic proportions  (blog One)

2. How to start looking at value of Time and power of choice as a super power tool to avoid making bad mistakes that may affect or change  the total Time Line (blog 2)

3. How to use diagrams as symbols as a base for discussion of growing up in a mass media world, of visualizing strong social forces, and structuring the experience of time.

Once more, the challenge was how to represent ideas or concepts with complex meanings in today's situations or outcomes caused by forces that are hard to describe if limited by words and given or implied interpretations. 

How can these forces be considered in abstract terms because they have no physical referents?

It is clear that abstract meanings can be powerful and can exist in imagination but the framework is formulated on more kinds of physical experiences; for example, the word love undergoes many physical transformations through time.

It is clear that we first learn about the world of objects through our senses like seeing, hearing, touching, etc. Then it takes a lot of concrete experiences and often specific words to learn more abstract meanings that, over time, can be integrated to show the value of a lesson or moral.

 So how can a teenager learn about qualities like independence, freedom, trust, loyalty, morals and power of choice if they first don't run through a gamut of experiences to qualify as a higher meaning with the value of purpose?  

For example, they can't pick up a bag filled with responsibility; they must learn its implications or lack of.  I can't pick up a choice like a carrot in my hand and tell them to find their own carrots. But I can draw a sign that represents the full context of "choice" and the difference of a "smart choice" if based on past, future and present factors.   

How can I show moral outrage over cultural disruptions or the extreme social  disadvantages played against young teen girls?  I could write a lecture or I can draw a simple diagram with identified key words and symbols.

I can take many of these changing complex concepts and give them some kind of sense impression; namely, a picture as well as a symbol. These images and associations will be better recalled and utilized.

The purpose of using a symbol is to show several deeper layers of meaning representing more details, actions, and consequences beyond its first appearance or literal meaning.

In fact, there are several symbolic intentions in this story. The complicated situation of a Social Media Circus and is effects are represented by a giant clown face.  

Another main symbol, in contrast, is the element of personal choice as a small circle attached to the spiral circle of a daily routine.

Now social media can be compared to a Giant Clown Face which is facing a small independent circle of a "smart choice" that incorporates past, present and future. How can words express this fully for individual assimilation at different levels?

Other consistent symbols are: a square represents a closed past, no replay allowed;  a spiral circle represents the energy of today; and open-ended lines represent the potential of the future yet unformed but based on yesterday's and today's actions. 

Throughout the story there are numerous examples of pictures or images which try to show the extensions of self identity, media control and social networks:

What is the difference between choice, decision and habit?
How can Time be charted on an Experience Calendar?
How can bad choice disrupt a total life line?
How dropping-out of school affects the normal social rites of passage?
How can a young, rash and brash adolescent brain survive in a Selfie Domain? 

Interestingly, I have always had a strong interest in using visual language to communicate meanings.  I sincerely believe that many of these images have been kept simple enough for others to draw and elaborate on if they wish.

I believe that an image can be worth a thousand words, and in these critical times, society can use all the words of empowerment and characters that it can find.

Note: a separate download with 10 lesson plans for teen girls to apply these ideas.

What are some issues that you feel young teen girls face now? 
Comments are always appreciated. 


Imagine, you are just 14 years old, yet your brain is wired for positive feedback which gets a dopamine spike with every click, every buzz, to keep the story fresh and wanting more.  How could it be any other way? Your habit of posing and posting becomes like an itch, somebody else's itch, but you got to keep scratching it, painful as it may be at times, because sometimes you get the word LIKE.
Now I draw a heavier more rippled line above my lifeline. This, I think, is the internet  social media circus line.  It is powerful and here to stay forever. But I will not allow its size and influence to affect this small section of my life called teen years. I will not fall into a hole created by the Media monster. 
I am deeply trying to find some purposeful longevity in living.

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