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Home Business Free Enterprise is Alive and Well with Friends

…the price of doing something is far less than the price of neglect and of being unsuccessful all the rest of your life.” Jeff Olsen

Reminder: Free Enterprise aims to increase freedom, market efficiency, consumer rights and economic opportunity… Investopedia

How many people would want a home business, part time or full time, to add more income to their family’s lifestyle for more stress -free financial independence? How would that feel? How can you find shelter under the umbrella of free enterprise?

In fact, the rich need leveraged income even more than the poor:

— can’t be complacent that one skill, one company or one industry will guarantee a lifetime income.

— can’t believe that slowly working up the corporate ladder will give you peace of mind. Markets rise and fall.

One choice is to start a home business from scratch with talent, inherent costs of manufacturing and advertising. Or the other most available vehicle is to join a company and help promote their products to earn commissions either as direct sales or network marketing.

Briefest History (need context)

Multi level marking started around the 1930’s with companies that are still in operation. The main business strategy is to promote distributors as a sales force to recruit new prospects by buying their products. Commissions increased from direct and indirect referrals from multiple levels. Intellectual distribution soon offered an alternative to physical distribution and shipping on auto shipments.

Good news: the FTC frequently investigated MLM programs and products to ensure they didn’t operate as illegal pyramid schemes.

Bad News: system worked often producing huge financial gains for 2% of skilled master sales people on the top. Their salesmanship didn’t duplicate to the 98% average people below but the siren song was unabated to dream big to be rich without the necessary marketing skills. Was this an ethical dilemma to some?

Personal news: I joined my first networking company after retirement with visions of entrepreneurship. My teaching background quickly realized what was missing was lack of a basic generic education based on two sales principles; namely, leverage credibility and duplication simplicity.

Advent of Internet Marketing only aggravated the situation with proliferation of impossible MLM scams. Public reputation suffered deadly blows as more distributors failed and false big money ads were vilified.

Great News: this timely solution is a matter of collaboration by 5 internet marketing masterminds to fix the missing pieces with answers to two main network marketing problems; namely, how to prospect and how to close sales.

They brilliantly call their company We Got Friends with 2 minute introductory videos and a free prelaunch to allow for a team building blitz. Do you understand the Nitroline power of two powerlines? Yes, as a veteran networker, absolutely.

Your News: how will you respond? Will old habits prevent taking an informed look?

— assume you know everything you need to know already

— make a wrong decision or no decision that can keep you on the treadmill to financial insecurity

Here’s the selling point to duplicate

You don’t need to know about the industry, the company, products, comp plan, selling techniques, life coaches…

We’re told we all need to be leaders, but that would be really ineffective.

Experts tell the story and close the deal.

Personal Mindset and self-Dialogue matter to move into critical new fields.

— Talent is over rated, only ACTION matter

— Think differently than other online marketers

— Work on yourself and how you respond to things, because when you change, everything changes.

Watch the two videos. Register and get your own home page, website and one-page marketing plan. Get prospects to attend our Live webinars

Monday to Thursday at 9PM Eastern

Remember: Marketing is the lifeblood of any business…need to be on the same page.


Annemarie Berukoff

PS: My favorite quoteHow much of the Universe do you really want?

Just how much time do you spend thinking big? I mean really, really BIG?

Good, very good! Because that’s exactly how much of “it” you’re going to get! What a coincidence… Mark Dooley

Friday, 24 February 2023


An Apology and Honest Explanation about this Network Marketing Big Money Ad

Massive Spillover Plus 10000 per Month

I don’t blame you if you snicker with scorn at network marketing ads with unbelievable profits as residual income. So why did I recently post an online business ad that a few years ago I would have ranted and raved never to hype because of my honest ideals? Flashing handfuls of money as eye candy and grand illusions to make money with or without skills has always been scam worthy.

My advertisements have been generic platitudes like chase your dreams or move beyond what you know…equally ineffective. No one was looking for enlightenment when the financial wolf was at their door.

Why does this Big Money ad work and why I honestly posted it?

Expected standard hype for a network marketing opportunity has been how to make a truckload of money even if marketing skills were not promoted and zero sign-ups were the norm. However, the system somehow worked because a few sales savvy millionaires made massive money from the top.

So, of course, the ethical question is how this network marketing industry has to change to survive, resolve two main problems and offer a truly viable business model for average people to make money with online trends in a changing economy and a new mindset beyond MLM.

The answer is to watch a webinar and sell yourself that this opportunity is worth promoting even with hype because the potential structure and skills make it possible. Undoubtedly, veteran marketers will make their fortunes with this system. But this ad might be believable to you, too, with a little work because so much training is provided.

Massive Spillover Plus 10000 per Month

Brand New Just Launched. Every Second You Wait Someone is Locking in a Spot Above You in New Nitroline. This Has Gone Global and Literally Everywhere in Just Days!

Do you want to make 10000 per Month? The Income Made Here Will Be Staggering.

Get the Hottest Program that Everyone is Joining. Wait You Will KICK Yourself.

This is NO COST to Get a Spot Locked In. So Do It NOW

I wonder if your reaction might change if you watch a live training webinar and compensation plan before scoffing at old MLM history and get excited about the future of free enterprise.

We Got Friends is a unique, global opportunity to empower people around the world co-founded by 5 industry masterminds with their software system as a state-of-the-art known as Nitroline that’s coupled with their lead generation academy system.

This system overcomes two major obstacles that hinder success by 90% of online entrepreneurs, namely:

  1. need more contacts, leads or customers
  2. need more help by experts to close the sales

So I apologize for posting this ad that I only loudly condemned before joining the Nitroline (free blitz for 30 days) and watching their live webinar. All I could do now is honestly explain that this network marketing company (We Got Friends) has truly evolved into a newer, kinder, more efficient, more successful opportunity for more people.

The choice is yours — NFL ( No Friends Left ) or explode your income well and beyond the 10K Club.

Annemarie Berukoff

NOTE: All questions, no excuses, answered via videos and webinar by top trainers… makes this easy to share and duplicate.

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Introduction Folk Tale: How Common Folk Win Challenge for Fair and Democratic Home Business

Heroes make us see grand possibilities. First we see it, then we do it…Michael Drew

I have always wanted to write a folk tale where the common person finally wins to live on a shining hill happily ever after. What better character or topic to choose than lowly network marketers who struggle in their home business trying to build a teamwork matrix to eke some profits without a basic network marketing education while overcoming hostility in the public understanding of their industry. But as many other storied tragic characters they persevere at enemy strong posts believing in the potential of average people to have success in this new online transfer of wealth.

This tale encompasses internet connectivity, domination by a few power brokers, the Betrayal, the Great Income Disparity Gap in the Age of Abundance and the King’s Challenge for a fair and democratic home business with a solution for Common Folk or People Power to participate in the new Digital economy.

Loudly and clearly, the theme rings out that the internet has democratized giving and taking of content, and given a voice to those who otherwise may not have had one to express their thoughts and ideas. Why is it not possible to offer a Game Changer to home business success with a straight-line road map IF there were no critical pieces missing?

So the story starts in the Maerd virtual kingdom facing a recession where the King SEO understands the Internet Credo of Change and announces a competition to find a People Friendly way to make Internet Profits more equally distributed to the masses.

Two brothers take up the challenge and search for answers along two highly different routes. One meets Marvelous Magnetic Max, the other visits Milly Mainly who gives him a report called Five Stars and Core Beliefs for Home Business Success:
“Consider this a primary value exchange where people can sustain values and provide new solutions; without it, it’s a return to the trenches.” (page 22)

At the end, as in the beginning, a common theme resonates to address the one necessary requirement based on a common expression where you can still harness the massive power of Internet technology and profits without onerous technical experience providing a system that can work for every family looking for a better lifestyle.

author’s sketch

Be prepared to first bypass the preset conforming factors of the mind to move ahead into critical new fields.

Some people may ask, “What does your state of mind matter?

But how can you ignore, or prepare, for this new reality that permeates our culture and personalities as the internet evolves into almost every facet of our working and playing environments?

The time is fertile to go beyond the crowd mentality and personal deniability. But first, find common ground by establishing 5 Stars or Information Bases linked to Primary Core Values that cannot be denied. This WILL work, but only IF you get the five core beliefs and the people you share with get the 5 core beliefs and then use the right vehicle.

“Nobody would sabotage their family’s worth or future IF there was truly a basic program they could do.” page 16

What if, this simple sequential story hands you a KEY so basic that every motivated individual will be easily captivated to believe this opportunity door to massive power can be used within their ability.

Imagine — the internet is only a few decades old and has already developed a unique folklore … not unlike old folklore where mighty forces, kings, mysteries and great rewards were found; and where the little folk hero survived and excelled, won the challenge with good common sense against all odds and lived happily ever after.

There are only a few times where you may be faced with a decision that will affect the entire trajectory of your life. I am counting this simple tale could be one of them.

Personal Note: My struggles through my network marketing career only strengthened my constant belief that more people should have more success with simple back-to-basics training … a 3 Step Formula: believe in better product, share message, earn referral marketing profits.

The term Grassroot Capitalism can be possible where the average person with above average dreams could succeed with a little time and sweat equity. What other option is there? But let’s first set the right rational background and embrace personal core values.

This story was written in 2014 drawn from a wide variety of notes and experiences but the content is even more relevant in a changing New Economy. Some residual design elements remain.

Note the practical RECOMMENDATION for an unique home business is no longer active but the reasons remain as to the potential factors of a similar enterprise.

Look forward to your comments,

Annemarie Berukoff


1: Internet Credo of Change and Disparity
2: Recession, Challenge, and Betrayal
3: A Different and Influential Discovery
4: 5-Star Home Business People Power and Internet Profits
5: The Winning Solution — How to Live Happily in the Digital Economy

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  Home Business Free Enterprise is Alive and Well with Friends …the price of doing something is far less than the price of neglect and of be...