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Why Read about a Talking Birch Tree who Loves Family, Community, Environment and Nature?

Why Read about a Talking Birch Tree who Loves Family, Community, Environment and Nature?

“And when you don’t understand how webs connect; or how roots make leaves; or how the food web is many links that can’t be broken;  when you lack empathy for the most ordinary creature, the worm or the bee, you become disconnected and pay the price one way of another, too often with disorder and disease.”
...excerpt from Ecological Succession of Birchum Birch

Animals don’t talk but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have voices or feelings. You may think that trees don’t communicate but it doesn’t mean they don’t belong to their community and environment.  In fact, a tree is a perfect member of a community that shows that  a body is an assembly of species and relationships, never self-contained. 
Nature starts with a single cell growing to more complexity where each part has a purpose. We can best survive as a whole society if we believe in diversity and cooperation.

A tree can teach that we are an ecosystem in our own rights. 

This story is about a young birch tree called Birchum Birch.  A special tree Dryad, as the essence of knowledge, explains many of his experiences about his home, his biology, environmental co-operation and Nature’s most important law that everything is connected. They share experiences about weather, climate changes, value of humus, seeds, insects, fungal dangers, adaptations and interact with various animals providing shelter and food who, in turn, reciprocate help in times of problems.

However, when he encounters People, he realizes how big ego and short-term thinking can impact a community’s lifetime, with the hope that Nature can recover given a chance. After her travels, the dryad discusses giant food webs from Nature's primary perspective and people’s secondary processes in 'Mega Plants' and 'Mega Malls,' along with manufactured seeds, that try to alter the essence of life on Earth.  

A simple question asked, "Is how do you grow a can of food?"

A loud clarion call is heard throughout the story that the Universe is not outside you …

 “what’s good for each of us is good for all of us; what hurts one of us, hurts all of us.”  

The theme of the story revolves around ecological succession which is the process of gradual change that involves the whole community over time. It is based on order that can predict the sense of a new development in any habitat. 

The social extension is that any change is dynamic and like Nature, nothing is ever black and white. Between any two extremes there is a gradual change which means greater tolerance to accept changes over time.  People must learn tolerance as they adapt to conditions to help their communities to succeed through a cooperative social succession.

An interesting symbol is the cocoon with an open question about what kind of transformation happens in order for adults to survive in a consumer-based business environment.

The moral like a web spins out that a solitary birch tree can represent the essential connections between our  healthy Planet and balancing Self through cycles, cooperation, unity and appreciation of the wonder of Nature because  once gone it can’t be replaced.

As a retired teacher who values education and process, the author continues to be so impressed by Mother Nature and so passionate to use her voice to speak on her behalf to help protect the environment for future generations. Her wisdom or mantra have only grown stronger that the more you learn about Mother Nature, the more you will also be impressed about her abilities, integrity and appreciate the need for a relationship with Nature as a friend and partner.

You wouldn’t bully or hurt a friend, would you?   

Questions and comments are always welcome...changing our society one tree at a time.

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Questions and comments are always welcome...changing our society one tree at a time.

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