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Arrival Announcement of Personal Website: 3 Matters that Make a Difference

Arrival Announcement: Personal Website Considers 3 Matters that Make a Difference

The path of awakening is not about becoming who you are. Rather it is about unbecoming who you are not. Albert Schweitzer

Like any proud parent, I wish to announce the arrival of my completed personal website.

It has taken 70 years to give it birth, much experience, contemplation and finally a legacy to leave the world as such. I'm sure we can all relate to the levels of wisdom we can accumulate with age; but I have three matters about which I feel strongly enough to try and make a difference on this world wide stage.

...the exponential growth of the Digital Economy, the dramatic changes in the internet marketing industry within the last ten years and how more marketers can take greater advantage.  

Question: Along the way, if it is undeniable  that  internet marketing has simplified and compounded, then how can regular marketers and business owners adapt to changes and compete fairly with marketing powerhouses?
Answer: Get a different insight to avoid the earlier common marketing blunders and how to stay competitive through Business Leverage and the Power of You as an online core identity. There are two reports to check out called How to Start to Grow a Profitable Online Business and The Self-Franchise Report. The recommended program is based on a tour to try the benefits of a total marketing system, a one-stop-shop  for tools, resources and assistance every online business owner needs

Excerpt (The Self-Franchise Report): There is always need for new tools that give direction and resources for success in the digital marketplace for every person with or without technical skills with no critical details missing. In fact, if you have a plan or a tool to help the masses how to market...fortunes will be made by helping so many others.

...the internet has also hugely changed our culture with important memes that are part of any culture; our jobs, our families, social relationships, lifestyles, goals and world views. Along the way, young teenage girls with their cell phones and Selfies have openly participated in assuming adult roles as portrayed in the Social Media Circus with many kinds of negative results.  

Question: Is there a way to show teenage girls that their adolescent brains may have been hacked causing problems and regrets with Selfie addiction, with a discussion about the importance of respecting their timelines?

Answer:  A new e-book called A Teen Girl Faces Time in the Sand ...A Timely Tale of Social Media struggles, Regrets and Survival with a Super-Power Tool. The key question is asked in chapter one, "What if, you had the power to see the future and how your actions today may affect it? Would you make the same choices today?"

And so, this story is told of a young adolescent girl's struggles in a hyper media environment, the realization of her rash and brash  brain, her descent into drug addiction, her nightmares of media control, and her gradual awareness of the transient TIME measured not by numbers, counting hours or days, but with blocks and circles of experience as first drawn in the sand and explained by her Grannie.

Excerpt"BUT time is only the medium not the victim here.  A 14 year old girl can become a victim because she can make a mistake that will affect her whole life. How fair is that?  Is it her fault or is it the selfish culture around her? There must be an answer how to stop making the wrong choice at a young age."

...more recently, with greater alarm, the world is paying more attention to the Earth's bio-systems, ecological balance, pollution and climate change in particular.

Question:  How can we show young people that ecological systems are related and depended on each other from the smallest micro-organisms to plants, animals, air, water and even hydrocarbons where humans play a deciding role in survival at all levels? 

Answer: New e-book called The Incredible Journey of a Water Sprite with Roots...on his mission to find Cyclical Truths ...a children's story for all ages who care about the Earths ecosystem
This unique water sprite with plant features is often amazed with his encounters with different characters, some imaginary, but in real settings; and how many life forms and systems are interdependent where one broken link can affect the whole system. He can communicate with other beings because of a shared affinity with any organic life form of which there is a great quantity derived from our carbon based planet. The story is first person narration to personify the water sprite as a friend we should all care about his manners, fears and hopes and the essential cyclical truths he discovers.
My thoughts wander about the kind of ecology that humankinds believe in, as I have witnessed. Do they get it that natural life begins with DNA in a nucleus, one celled animals and plants, then species and then an ecosystem? Do they know that every small ecosystem is part of the total large biosphere on Earth that connects them all; water, air, food, resources, and shelter? Do they realize that perpetual growth, industry or destruction of any habitat is not sustainable on a limited planet?
to download by the end of next week.

New e-books will be available to download by the end of this week at this website.

Comments and questions as always are welcome,

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  1. Look great...excited about ordering your e-books.


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